We go to great heights to make our clients happy.

Why we love construction and remodeling

We enjoy finding creative solutions to people’s house problems. Part of the reward of building is knowing that the projects we build make our clients houses more useful to them and a more pleasant place to come home to.

We have a lot of interesting clients (and their children, pets and relatives) who are fun to work with. Our relationships often extend over many years and many projects, some large, some small. We have over 30 years of experience.

We are proud of our team

We enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with creative designers, engineers, and architects. The artisan subcontractors we work with are dedicated to fine workmanship and take pride in their craft. All of us are dedicated to producing quality and beauty in what we do.

The projects that you see in this web site were built and supervised by our Project Manager Bill Urban, our specialty subcontractors and fabricators and a former Project Manager Mickey Ostermann. Some of the projects that you see were designed by Spitzley Construction, Inc. with clients, and others were designed by Architects in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Most of the photos were taken by Bill Urban and Kaaren Spitzley. Kaaren Spitzley did the color work and applied decorative finishes in many of the projects that you see in this site. Bill is responsible for the fine detail work that is shown here.  Joe and Kaaren Spitzley manage the company. And all of us are involved in design.

When we’re not working, we enjoy many of the opportunities that the San Francisco Bay Area offers.  Bill has won many of the sand castle building contests in Northern California and likes to garden. Kaaren and Joe row single sculls in San Francisco Bay and hike around the Berkeley, Oakland and Marin hills.

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